AKJ Token

Risk Warnings

This page includes some of the relevant risks that need to be taken into account when considering investing in AKJ Token. This list is not comprehensive and independent legal advice should be sought if potential investors are unclear about any aspects of the offering.

  1. Security Token Offerings are new to the market and regulatory uncertainties exist at present – rules are still being finalised by regulators in many jurisdictions.
  2. Investors are unlikely at present to have full access to all regulatory protections in many jurisdictions
  3. AKJ Token gives indirect and diversified exposure to the crypto economy which has a history of extreme volatility and vulnerability to dramatic changes. Such effects can spill over to the value of AKJ Token.
  4. This Private Offering is taking place under an exemptions to the Prospectus legal requirements and instead of a regulated prospectus we offer a ‘White Paper’. Technical understanding is needed by investors to fully understand the AKJ Tokens’ characteristics and risks.
  5. The AKJ Crypto platform is in an early stage of development and will be exposed to a market with many early stage and experimental business models. As with early stage investments generally, the value of AKJ Token may be extremely volatile and vulnerable to dramatic changes.
  6. There is a chance of investors losing their entire stake.